9 March 2014

Trickling Progress

Hard at work, trying to get a lot done in the quiet spaces between daily life stuff.  I’m well on the way with a new project for Immanion Press, but everything else is taking a lot longer to get to.  That’s why this site is still partially a mess and I have yet to update Goodreads or post regularly on Twitter or Facebook.  Still, going forward…

Very excited about next month, with the release of the Songs of the Satyr anthology.  I haven’t received any further details, like where to purchase the book for example, but I will post as soon as I do.

I’m proud to add two new entries in the Links section.  One is for the incredible artist who did the cover art for Indigo Eyes (shown on the left) and provided the artwork for promotional bookmarks that went out when the book arrived–Peter Hollinghurst.  Please check out his portfolio for some quite stunning art.

The second if for an editor I know through Immanion Press, who is also an accomplished writer of excellent young adult fiction–Sharon Sant.  I strongly recommend grabbing an eBook copy of her novels, like the first in the Sky Song trilogy Sky Song, available through Amazon.

15 February 2014

News and Updates

After quite a long absence I’m back and trying to update what I can in the brief hours between writing and all the permutations of fatherhood.

First, as may be noted, Indigo Eyes is no longer in print, and hasn’t been for a while.  There may be a few copies to get here and there, but it is destined to become a rarity.  I am not going to self-publish it as an e-book, unless there is a solid interest.  In which case please email me with your thoughts.  I have not yet decided what I will do with the book, and I doubt I will go near it for some time to come.  It was my first novel, layered with all the highs and lows of such an ambitious undertaking, and it represents a me that no longer exists; or if only in part, diminished by time and experience.  There are pages more to say on the subject but I digress and move onto other news.

Aaron J. French’s Songs of the Satyr is finally going to be published.  It has been a long wait, but the final product and the choice of publisher, I’m certain, will prove it was worthwhile.  In Aaron’s own words:  “I’m very happy to announce that SOTS has now been picked up and is slated for an April release of this year. The publisher is Angel Knight Press http://www.angelicknightpress.com/”  It will include my short work, “Opiate of the Lonely One,” amongst an excellent selection of stories by authors I’m quite proud to be alongside of in an anthology.

I have a few projects on the go, but I won’t be premature about my progress until things are well underway.

Here is the lovely cover for the upcoming anthology, text excluded:

Satyr cover

28 November 2012


My failure to blog regularly is a direct result of my new profession: a stay-at-home dad.  I was spending my days trying to catch up with writing and various other things while my wife was still on maternity leave.  Now that I’m alone with our lovely but intensely demanding baby (soon to be toddler), I find that things are becoming more routine and I’m able to allocate more time to my work, this site, and my Goodreads blog.

First, the baby is fine and healthy and going through the milestone one-year growth spurt, so things are more than a bit crazy at home.  The last three weeks together have been very positive, i.e. more ups than downs.  It’s a very difficult and extremely rewarding job.  Not enough of us stay-at-home dads out there, according to statistics, although it’s a rising trend over the years, I’m happy to say.

On the updates front, you can visit Immanion Press’ blog here, and I particularly recommend you read “A Chat With Tanith Lee,” interviewed by Storm Constantine, two of the best writers on the planet, in my opinion.

Indigo Eyes is on sale in Kindle format for $7.99 at Amazon.com.

Other new releases by Immanion for Kindle are listed here.

Songs of the Satyr, which includes one of my stories, is still looking for a publisher, but the editor, the ever so diligent and talented Aaron J. French, has been hard at work making is better and better.  I’m very excited to see the finished product, and I will certainly post any covert art that comes my way.  Gene O’Neill is working on the introduction, and horror writers Wilum Pugmire and John Langan have written for the anthology.  It’s looking to be a fantastic book.

I’m hard at work on completing my next books, a collection of stories and surprises, and the one after, which will be my first young-adult novel.  That’s all for now… more later, time permitting.